Evolution of the Soul Art

Services Offered

 Animal Totem Art

Animal Totem Art is completed with ink. The animal is the spirit animal of the receiver and has words to describe the animal and what the receiver needs or exemplifies.

Spirit Art

Spirit Art is created by spirit leading me on a journey using words and images to take the receiver on their inner journey or to tell a story.

Drawings and Paintings

My paintings are mostly completed in acrylics. I have done a few liquid pours, and a few water colors.


I love drawing animals! I look for details to emulate on paper ans well as the expression of the soul in their eyes. I have done some spirit guide drawings as well.

Wall Art

This started as gifts to my grand children. I enjoyed these immensely and they are completed without any sketches.

 Mixed Media and Different Perspective Art

These are for fun and are light-hearted, others are more serious and an intepretation of what I see in a photograph or a cloud.

Coloring Books for Healing the Soul​

These are coloring pages compiled into small books that allow a person to relax and be in a healing, meditative state after a stressful day.

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