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The story of the Walrus

Today I sat wondering what I should draw next in my animal totem series. Suddenly I heard "walrus." I thought to myself, "Really a walrus, what on earth for? Are you serious?" Again came the word "walrus." I was a bit confused and asked why not a fox or goat? I heard the voice insist that it must be a walrus that I draw first. Then it would be okay to draw a goat and a fox after the walrus was finished. Then the words to the song "I Am the Walrus" started playing in my mind. So  I begin my walrus totem drawing. When Spirit speaks I am learning to listen. I just love the Divine! That was in September of 2013.

So my walrus drawing sat for months (6 months to be exact) with no owner. He went to a show in October and one in January before going with me to a show this March. While at this show a massage therapist/ Reiki Healer had a Soul picture drawn by my friend Carol. At the bottom of her picture was a sketch of a walrus and the words, "I Am the Walrus". She asked Carol what it meant and Carol sent her to me. When she arrived at my booth she wanted to know what the words meant and I introduced her to my Walrus. After a brief explanation of what the words on the walrus meant she bought my picture! I am so happy that he has found a home and is able to share his energy with his new owner!

I am still absolutely amazed by the Divine! 

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