Evolution of the Soul Art

Who am I and How Did My Journey Begin?

My interest in art began because I struggled to express myself verbally because I was quite introverted. I read voraciously and I learned to write and draw. I loved the outdoors and animals. In my  world I am surrounded by animals and the beauty of nature.  They are what I see and what I look for even as I drive to the grocery store. I am a mother, a grandmother and n advocate for peace and love. I have worked a variety of jobs but my one consistent job is to share my love and wonder of nature. I have always wanted to show the beauty that I saw in everything. With time, my work evolved becoming more detailed and was led by Spirit. Each work of art is unique, filled with healing energy, and created with love. A unique journey is the adventure as I create each piece. Some are quite simple and straight to the point while others take the observer and me on a long journey to know ourselves and how we are all interconnected. I am grateful for the chance to show my work and blessed by the Divine Creator with a gift of love and creation to share with others. Life is amazing and so are all of our stories!

Blessings of Love, Light and Peace to you! 

My Clients

Sheri's Dream

Sheri Rathburn, Om2Ohm

Wisdom, Meditation, Intuition

Stephanie VanHoose, Journey of My Soul, Aademy of Intuitive Arts

Oaklee's bedroom

Mr.  and Mrs. Gary Smith


Dacia Witcher-Whiteside "Dacia I am"